Thursday, October 04, 2012

Really cool BRUVS Footage!

 Typical BRUVS - Source

I've just received the newest SOSF newsletter .
Among many other things, it informs me that
This year, Save Our Seas Foundation received over 200 grant applications, requesting a total of over US$ 5.5 Million in grant aid for the 2013-2014 funding year. 53 of these applications were invited to submit Stage 2 applications. These figures do not take into account projects that are already receiving funds from the Foundation; some of these Principal Investigators will be invited to apply for continued funding next year.
Pretty darn impressive!
One of those endeavors is an innovative pilot project that aims at exploring the viability of using  Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations, or BRUVS to document the underwater fauna of False Bay, South Africa. As the project synopsis explains, BRUVS may be a cost effective, non extractive way for census and long-term monitoring of MPAs. Should you be interested, you can always check on the project's progress here
As always, there are challenges, as documented in this great little video about a thieving octopus.

As far as I know, BRUVS were first developed by AIMS.
Be it as it may, here's a very cool compilation of what appears to be some of their "best of", including a rather devastating intervention by a Tiger Shark that aptly demonstrates the effectiveness of its very special dentition which appears specially geared towards sawing through solid objects, foremost of which Turtle carapaces - remember those basic can openers?

Anyway: enjoy!

More info about AIMS's BRUVS research here.

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