Sunday, October 28, 2012

David - Big Bull!

Click for detail!

Check out this huge Bull - and the viz!

This is as good as it gets.
Of course, David Fleetham is underwater photography royalty, much like his friend Doug Perrine with whom he shares living in Hawaii - and unsurprisingly, like all real VIPs, he's equally as easy going and accommodating as it gets!

Anyway, he was here for a short assignment.
This is very much the time when the Bulls are on their way out and positively temperamental - but he's still managed to capture this very pregnant Fiji Bull Shark, along with a plethora of shots of the various Reefies parading on the reef top in bright sunshine and crystal clear, calm water. And after having viewed the evidence, David assures me that he will be back in the high season to capture our unequaled wallpaper Bulls!

Enjoy David's stellar pic!


Unknown said...

Thanks again for the opportunity to get out with your gang. I will be back to get them all in the same frame when they choose to do so.

Erik said...

That is one mean looking shark. Cool picture and that is some great viz