Friday, June 08, 2012

A whole lotta Bull!

Wow - that's one mighty big Bull Shark!

But ours are bigger! :)
With the exception of the enormous Nyami Nyami (but how, exactly was she measured - length-over-all by bending down the tail?), people in the know tell me that Fiji's Bulls are substantially bigger than anything they've seen anywhere else, especially in the Caribbean. Which of course begs the question, what will Mahmood reveal once he publishes his findings about the Bull Shark genome and the possibility, or not, of distinct populations?
Keep watching this space as I hear that the roll-out may be imminent!

As always, kudos to Neil for the brilliant outreach!
And, you may want to amuse yourself and read the comments, among which
Wow, trolling the internet must be a great way to spend your time in between, Matsurbating to naked pics of your mom while covering yourself in spray cheese.
Wow indeed! :)

But have you seen this?
Bull sharks "have the most testosterone of any animal on the planet, so that should tell you a little something," Hammerschlag said.

Indeed it does!
It tells us that even the most prominent researchers are not immune to parroting urban legends! :)
Regular readers may remember that this particular piece of pseudoscience has been thoroughly debunked by Christie Wilcox of then Observations of a Nerd (and now Science Sushi) - but if not, here is that post in all of its glorious analytical deconstruction!

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