Saturday, June 23, 2012

Greenland Shark - slow but effective!

Sorry for the protracted silence.

I'm mulling over a rather tricky post and we're currently hosting Shark conservation royalty - so please bear with me, all shall be revealed in due course! :)
But in the meantime, check this out.

That's one helluva slow Shark!
In fact, according to this article, the Greenland Shark may be one of the slowest Sharks around. Researchers have documented its speed at a paltry 0.7 mph, with tail beats lasting a full seven seconds.
No wonder Doug was not unduly alarmed!

And the notorious diet?
I don't believe for a minute that they actively hunt Polar Bears and Reindeer but rather, that they may have ingested those animals as carrion; but it now appears that they may prey upon arctic Seals that apparently sleep in water to avoid predation by Polar Bears - maybe not such a good idea after all!

Do they then strip the skin in a in a corkscrew pattern ?
As far as I know, the wine has never been claimed.

And what about this abomination?

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