Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Lucia, muito obrigado!

Collision! Another brilliant one from Lill's newest crop!

Very nice!
Lucia Malla is a Brazilian blogger and marine biologist came for a visit last October together with husband, fellow biologist and underwater photographer Andre Seale. Regular reader may remember Andre's name from the post about the extinction of the Galapagos Sharks at St. Paul's Rocks.

One day is of course not enough and October, the worst possible time.
But we did rustle up a few Bull Shark but above all, we found the time for some really interesting conversations about the challenges of Shark conservation.

Now Lucia has written a post about her experience in Fiji.
Looks like she did like it - and if you follow the numerous links she has posted, you will find a lot of research but also several blog posts by various blue bloggers dealing with the deluge of nonsense that is being spouted by the sharktivists, or as Lucia puts it,
I also tried to link to important discussions, so people THINK a little bit more about the whole shark issue.

So here's to more THINKING and less frothy activism!
Thank you Lucia!

PS: o melhor mergulho com tubarões do mundo = The Best Shark Dive in the World! :)

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Lucia Malla said...

Now I am blushing. :))))

Thank you very much, Mike!! We had a great time, thanks to you and your awesome team. Mahalo!