Monday, June 18, 2012

A Ray of Light: brilliant Video by David!

David's new production company, Scarlet View Media.

I'm in love with Brad.

No not in that way! :)
But David's masterful portrait is so full of tenderness and empathy that one is instantly mesmerized by the guy's humanity and compassion, and by his selfless commitment to try and better protect the Sting Rays of Mallorca.

This is David Diley's coming out as a filmmaker.
Like Brad, he is achieving the seemingly impossible with zero back-up and minimal resources, simply driven by his passion for marine conservation and the need to make a difference by telling a story. I say, if this is a taste of things to come, the man is in for a stellar career!
Love the storyline, the filming, the editing, the style, the music!

A short film about Brad Robertson, a passionate conservationist tirelessly working to maintain and grow a grassroots, community based project to help protect the Stingrays of Mallorca.

This is the reality behind "spit and sawdust" conservation, there are no glossy marketing campaigns, no sexy photo-shoots and most critically of all, no financial support, just Brad and his wife Bea, struggling against bureaucracy, apathy, crippling financial pressure and a lack of support from the people who could actually help.

The economic crisis has had a devastating effect on Spain, a country which has cut funding to support the policing of its Marine Reserves by up to 80% and as a result, we see that without vigilant protection, a "Marine Reserve" is no more a haven for marine wildlife than any other stretch of unprotected coastline.

So why does he bother? Because he's a diver, a diver who wants future generations to experience the kind of things he has in his twenty years underwater, the kind of incredible experience we see at the climax of the film an experience which illustrates just how important Brad's work in Mallorca is.

Enjoy David's video.

Story here and here.

PS Richard Theiss' take here.


OfficetoOcean said...

Thank you Mike, that is really, very kind!

DaShark said...

Too kind by a mile - especially after what you did to me today!

Just goes to show that one can be super talented but still be a total a'hole! :)

OfficetoOcean said...

Ha! Patric started it! :D

The Sharkman said...

Well done David. We need more people like Brad.

Anonymous said...

Well done David,Brad ,Bea & Locky(the dog !)
Bad's (proud)Dad!!