Sunday, November 13, 2011

Porbeagles - excellent News!

Simply stellar picture by the always masterful Doug Perrine!

Well, I hope I'm right here.
I've obviously missed quite a bit whilst strutting around at DEMA - but it appears that in the meantime, Europe has decided to fully protect the Porbeagle which would of course be brilliant. So far, all I can find are several re-posts, e.g. here, of an announcement by Oceana and nothing by the European Fisheries Commission - but let's take that at face value and rejoice!

Which brings be straight back to my post about ICCAT.
Those folks are conferring as we speak and with the above in mind, things look of course alot better for the proposed retention ban for Porbeagles.
Fingers crossed!

The Tuna?
Very much like I said then, I really anticipate no change in TAC, the more as this is also the position of the Commission. BUT, I also discern a strong commitment for enforcing the exact quotas by curtailing the widespread shenanigans, meaning that if properly implemented, the actual number of caught Tuna would drop dramatically, see that post and the analysis by Pew. At the end of the day, that is what really counts and it would undoubtedly be a huge step in the right direction.

Long story short? No need for conservation triage - quite yet!
Still very much on track for collecting that fine bottle of wine Mr. P!


The Sharkman said...

Bula my friend.

Here is the official EU document.

DaShark said...

Great, vinaka Alex!

Did you and the Shark Alliance play some role in this?