Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Congratulations Terry!

Bravo Terry Goss!
He has just won the Grand Prize in the Marine Photobank Ocean in Focus contest and will be visiting the Galapagos with a friend on a Lindblad Expeditions cruise. I did once join the venerable Lindblad Explorer ages ago and can attest to the fact that it will be the adventure of a lifetime!
Very, very cool indeed!

Very cool picture as well!
You can read more about it, and Terry in this interview and you can view more pics of the same Blue Shark on Terry's website. Terry is of course a veteran of the Shark Dive where he has been able to capture what remain some of the best shots ever of our Sharks, including this iconic portrayal of Scarface and Rusi.

Click for detail - seriously!

But that was ages ago!
Things have changed and we got more Sharks than ever, tho the visits by Scarface & Co are becoming ever rarer, likely due to competitive exclusion - in fact, we haven't seen Scarface all year and can only hope that she's embarked on one of her usual walkabouts like in the past!
Still, the dive is getting better and better, with Bull Shark numbers literally exploding!

Whatya think Terry - time for an encore?
And the answer to your question (just saw it now!) of course is yes in late May, early June! :)

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