Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank you Stacy!

I must say, I'm beholden to Stacy Jupiter.
Stacy runs the Fijian chapter of the WCS and has been diving with us last week, together with renown underwater photographer Keith Ellenbogen.

People who know me know about my reservations against most NGOs.
I'm a retired people- and project manager and as such, I consider many of them to be too agenda- (as opposed to result-) driven and neither like their pervasive political correctness nor their stifling bureaucracy.
But having said that, WCS Fiji is one of those local NGOs who did support the 2009 Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project, this largely owing to Stacy's personal commitment, and it is thus very much in my good books. On top of that, WCS Fiji remains a key supporter of the Namena Marine Reserve where they have teamed up with with the excellent people of CORAL to preserve some of Fiji's healthiest reefs and best dive sites. Like our SRMR, this project involves the dive industry, foremost the liveaboards like the iconic Nai'a who compensate local communities for not fishing, and is thus yet again a perfect example for long term conservation through sustainable ecotourism.

Keith by the way has been a true pleasure to host.
He is very much a niche player who has done important work for big marine NGOs (click on About me) and matches profound knowledge and skills with refreshing humility - for those in the know, very much Doug Perrine.

But I'm digressing as usual.
Stacy has posted this very kind report on the New England Aquarium Global Explorers Blog. Great wording and great pics - tho I just happen to know that those pics are from the first two days of diving, and that Keith's last day with us has yielded more, and way more spectacular results!
Keep watching this space!

And yes: I am indeed adamant about the need for enforcement and capacity building! :)

Vinaka Stacy, much appreciated!

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Unknown said...

Bula Mike!
Have you received my image with boat and shark I did for you?

Vitaly Sokol