Thursday, March 17, 2011

Epic Scoop!

From Eli's blog, March 9!

I am pretty excited about a last minute story I was able to include in this issue, which is a story about a longfin mako encounter!
Yes thats right, you heard me, the elusive and hard to find dream shark has finally been photographed. And the crazy thing is that this was a natural encounter, not a chummed experience, which makes the encounter ever sweeter. My excitement is being able to publish these images which are the first ever of a free swimming longfin in the world. It just does not get any better than that, except a free swimming megamouth shark coming in to say hello???

"Pretty" excited???
Hombre, u just got yer hands on the holy grail of all Sharky holy grails, the mysterious, never photographed and never filmed cousin of the Great White Shark - and totally unexpected and in totally un-baited conditions!
How cool is that!

I've seen one picture and it is just AMAZING!
So, if you are a Shark aficionado, you just MUST get yerself a copy of the new Shark Diver Magazine - seriously, politics or no politics!
Just do it, OK?

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