Monday, March 14, 2011

More Shenanigans by the GTs!

We got ourselves a thief!

As you know we collect discarded Bull Shark teeth.
We had high hopes that they would shed light on the Sharks' exposure to fresh water but the results have been inconclusive and we've abandoned collecting them for science, the more as we continue to collect proper tissue samples for Mahmood's DNA forensics. Still, the Shark teeth remain a very hot commodity among our staff who hand them to selected customers, a rather clever strategy that may possibly translate into better tips but above all, into radiant smiles from the grateful pretty tahines.

Thing is, as of recent, the teeth supply has been disappointing.
Having suspected some kind of thievery, we've decided to install video surveillance - and BINGO : we've been finally able to capture the perpetrator in flagrante - yes it's none other than the murderer of those poor Sharksuckers, or possibly one of his equally sleazy cousins!
Check it out - click for detail.

TOTALLY busted!

A friend, incidentally one of the above mentioned tooth-owning tahines writes Why they would eat a shark tooth? Can they digest the tooth? The tooth is really sharp as well, I was playing with one and I still have the cut on my finger. Does it not cut the trevally's intestines?
Yes it probably will, especially one of those upper serrated teeth as the one depicted!
Talk about instant retribution!

Serves them right for f... with the BAD boys!


The Sharkman said...

Now that is an awesome video capture. Talk about getting caught in the act!

Joanne said...

Im Joanne from the Hunter Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority, an elderly lady has just phoned me asking if i knew her friend Val who used to take photos of sharks. I have found you though a web search and you obviously know Val very well. Would you please phone me on 02 43371202 so i can pass on this ladys name and phone number to enable her to get in contact with her old friend. I work mond, wed and friday.

Kind regards
Joanne HIll.

Joanne said...

It looks like you may not be in Australia.. here is my email address

joanne.hill at

DaShark said...

Joanne, I just sent you a message.
Hope you get it - if not, please contact adventuredivers(at)