Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Behold: Daniela!

Yes we got this, too!

Stellar stuff!

This is by Daniela, the charming wife of Reinhard.
She sent us a whole portfolio when I posted about hubby and I must say, very well done indeed! Dani insisted on wearing her own wetsuit which is laced in yellow, and was thus confined to second rank - and the more I'm impressed with what she was able to capture in only a few dives during the wrong season!
More pics on Dani's website WaterFrame - search for Daniela Dirscherl Fiji.


Funnygirl - very much pregnant!
The small Fish in front is very likely an undescribed Pseudocaranx, a Genus hitherto believed to be antitropical - but how to get a specimen? Suggestions?

Tootsie - one of our most obnoxious Grey Reefs.

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