Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shark Free Marinas – Takeoff!

Great news!
It really looks like the whole SFMI concept is coming together and having continued to heckle Luke about the apparent lack of proactive action in the USA, all I can say is finally and well done!

You can read it all on the great, completely re-vamped website.
There a brand new logo and they have produced brand new brochures that feature beautiful artwork by Guy Harvey and that will be distributed to a whopping 1,500 marinas during the upcoming US membership drive.
All very impressive indeed!

Although, having said that…
If Tonga, population 100,000 can sign up 3 marinas (=one for every 33,300 Tongans) and Fiji, population 850,000 can sign up 24 (=one for every 35,400), what should we expect from the USA, population 310.5m?

So, Luke: there’ your challenge! :)

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