Sunday, October 03, 2010

International Year of Biodiversity – Fiji!

Papa and one of the Whitetips - great pic by Sasha, click for detail.

Bravo Emma !
After her epic Coral Gardening sequence for the BBC, she has just finished The Last Blue Wilderness, a production for the United Nations’ International Year of Biodiversity .
It’s a great piece that for once does not feature any of the usual supercilious Caucasian talking heads but instead, only indigenous people that tell their stories in their own unmistakable way.

We are honored to be included with a short sequence about Shark conservation.
The teller is of course none other than our own lucky man Manasa Papa Bulivou and I must say that, bias or no bias, I’m deeply impressed by his narrative. Papa of course hails from a Spokesperson’s Clan and is thus very much endowed with the gift of the gab – still, experiencing his genuine pride and enthusiasm makes me real proud, and once again highlights how personally rewarding this whole conservation project is for all of us here.
Were you as moved as I was?
Very well done indeed!


The Last Blue Wilderness / Save the Sharks from Emma Robens on Vimeo.

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Congrats to the team of B.A.D, hope all is well