Friday, October 29, 2010

David Diley - dreaming of Sharks!

Want to live the dream?
Start out by having one!

For David, that dream is about making a movie about Sharks.
We've become pen pals shortly after I commented on his excellent opinion piece about the Shark diving industry, and I've been able to witness how a rather crazy idea has become increasingly tangible, first with a proper concept and film script, then a website and a blog and now, this teaser trailer.

"From the Office to the Ocean" - Official Teaser Trailer from David Diley on Vimeo.

I say, very well done indeed - and I love the music!
Thing is, David is doing this with very little funds, out of sheer passion and in the firm belief that things will happen if you want them hard enough - to the point that in order to be able to fully concentrate on his project, he has quit his job and is now tethering on the brink of homelessness and financial destitution. Talk about being one determined individual, and totally nuts on top of that!

Funny thing is: I can totally relate to it!
In fact, I am deeply impressed and also a little jealous: I did find myself in exactly the same situation at the age of 30 and did not have the guts to follow through and had to wait for another 15 years before being able to finally break out. Despite being well secured, that was probably the scariest and most traumatic event of my life (if you haven't done it, you probably wouldn't understand) and I can only imagine how David must feel as he ventures out over ever thinner ice.

Long story short: David needs sponsorship.
I truly believe that this would be money well spent - not only because everybody deserves a break, but because there's no doubt that the man is highly motivated, focused, tenacious and above all, highly talented (more videos here) and that any investment would likely yield a very satisfactory return.

Give it a thought please.
You can find David's e-mail address in his profile and I know that he will be highly thankful for any support you could extend, even if it were only some words of encouragement. It's rather cold out there and some human warmth may go a long way in keeping him going.
All the best buddy, and fingers crossed!


OfficetoOcean said...

Thank you so much for the kind words Mike, it really is appreciated!

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Good post Mike!