Monday, February 22, 2010

Who is this???

Here's a quick & dirty competition - just because I can!

Grand Prize: one week of diving in Fiji with Beqa Adventure Divers!
This normally includes four two-tank dives on our famous Fiji Shark Dive within Shark Reef Marine Reserve! Plus many great reef and wreck dives within Beqa Lagoon!
Is this cool - or what!

The first one who posts the name of this dashing adventurer and Shark diving pioneer wins!
  • After one day, I will post one hint and the price will be reduced to six days of diving.
  • After another day, I will post another clue - and the price will be reduced by another day.
  • And-so-on-and-so-forth until there are no days left!
This is open to everybody who's not an "insider"(if you don't know: ask before posting!) and who really plans to accept the prize.
One name per attempt, one attempt per day!
No "Anonymous" please - duh!

So, what are you waiting for!
Give it a try!


Robert said...

Gary Adkison?

Mary O'Malley said...

Andre Hartman?

Arielle said...

Hans Hass?

Penny Miller said...

for sure...Gary Adkison

DaShark said...


as in "Lupo"???

Sorry for the late reply - been out Shark diving!

Yes it is indeed Gary!
Well done!

Please get in contact with Nani and Andrew on to book your week of diving.

Funny how so many prominent Shark conservationists, like Cousteau and the Taylors, started out at the completely opposite end of the spectrum and only gradually developed their love of Sharks after so many years spent in the Ocean!

Back then, ethics were certainly very different - as were testosterone levels!

Robert said...


I have a Shark Island dvd with him when he had hair.

I will be diving with Beqa Adventure Divers in April.