Sunday, February 14, 2010


Oceanic Dreams alerts me to this post by Mark Harding.

Well said!
Like in the case of Domeier, Campana just doesn't get it. The times where it was somehow OK to kill or torture an animal provided that this was being done in the name of "science" are long gone. I do hear where Campana is coming from - but to go as far as to publicly whinge against a great victory for Conservation is just self serving and unethical, full stop.
And incredibly stupid on top of that!

Unfortunately, I fear that those two guys are still rather typical and by no means an exception.
I've said it before, it's up to the scientific community, and to those funding them, to take a stand against those shenanigans.
Heartless scientists engaging in frivolous research need to be ostracized and peer reviews need to include an examination for adequate ethical conduct. And I sure hope that the new batch of Biologists are finally being told that the only justification for spending those scarce research resources is to try and halt the anthropogenic habitat degradation and extinction!

And here endeth the Sunday sermon!

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