Monday, February 08, 2010


This is a Flagtail Shrimpgoby, Amblyeleotris yanoi.

Not impressed?
What if I told you that a) it's a great picture and b) it was taken on Shark Reef?
Wanna bother to consult the distribution chart of this species, as in Australia • Indonesia • Indonesia:Bali • Japan • Madagascar • Micronesia • Mozambique • Palau • Papua New Guinea • Philippines • Ryukyu Is. • South Africa • Sri Lanka • Taiwan?
Far far away from Fiji!

This is but one of the massive range extensions resulting from our regular Fish counts and I can announce with absolute certainty that this year's crop will undoubtedly be particularly spectacular! John and Mr. Punion are due here in less than two weeks, and they will be joined by Somebody who is known for having a veritable midas touch when it comes to discovering new species! Hint: Tourette's!
So, keep watching this space!

But this post is not about Fish Taxonomy.
It's actually about Timbo's latest portfolio featuring but a tiny selection of the pics he took during his latest visit with us. We just chatted and he's a real happy camper, tho he complains about coming down with carpal tunnel syndrome from having to edit those tens of thousands of images!
Go and check it out: it's a feast for the eyes - and don't forget to click on the images!

Talk about it being a testament to the man's dedication and to his talent!
And to Fiji!


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