Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Boat

Nomen est Omen: Timbo rocks!

Bless the good people over at Gates!

As a proud owner of a venerable Hugyfot-F3 that never let me down in over 20 years of reckless abuse, and this on its first set of o-rings (!), my standards are high.

Once I decided to switch over to video -aka the dark side- and having seen more Amphibicos and L&Ms fail than I care to remember, my choice of a Gates was kind of inevitable.
Like Hugy, Elwyn Gates is one of the true pioneers of underwater imaging and his housings had a reputation for being extremely durable and reliable, the latter largely owing to the fact that they were fully mechanical and thus didn't feature any of the vulnerable electronic circuitry of their competitors.

Scarface, yours truly and the Gates PDX-10 in this epic picture by Doug Perrine.

Enter the new owner and CEO John Ellerbrock.
Although I was quite impressed by my "old" Gates for the PDX-10, I am now absolutely in awe of my housing for the EX1, quickly christened The Boat by one of our clients. This is just exquisite craftsmanship and a testimony to John's inventiveness and commitment to unsurpassed quality and reliability. Perfectly balanced and with crisp and yet sensitive controls, it's a real pleasure to work with. Add the terrific SWP44C by Fathom Imaging and Gates' legendary client service personified by always helpful, patient and friendly Pamela, and the result is absolute perfection!

Well done and thank you so much!


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Great Neptunes Ghost that's a fat Tiger;)

DaShark said...


Wait til I tell her! :)

FjShark said...

Kool pic :)

liquidmocean said...

So if the housing for the EX1 is called 'The Boat' I guess the RED One housing offering would be 'The Tanker'? Sheesh, that's a wee beastie!

DaShark said...

Wellwell Mark

How am I supposed to interpret this thinly veiled hint at the size of your toy???

liquidmocean said...

Well I don't play with it as much as I used to!