Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some of the usual Suspects

I just found this video of one of our Shark dives.

It has been obviously shot by one of our Clients (nice job!), as witnessed by his stationary position behind the wall of coral. As you can see, there's absolutely no need to go hopping about in order to "get the shot", as the feeders will guide the Sharks towards the cameramen, the more as the Bulls are trained to come in from the left. And don't tell me that this ain't close enough for Joe Diver!

You may also want to notice the stationary position of the feeders and the fact that they are wearing steel mesh gloves that will protect them from any accidental "nicks". Like on this day, the animals are generally mellow, focus exclusively on the feeders and take the bait with great gentleness - but there's always the risk of a mistake. This selective feeding technique also ensures that the viz remains good throughout.

Is this difficult and dangerous?
Yes it is and it takes years to make it look easy! This is nothing you may ever want to try at home!

Among the usual suspects, i recognize Scarface the Tiger Shark lady, Whitetail the Sicklefin Lemon, Whitenose the male Bull Shark with the white tip on his nose, Flop with the bent tip of her tail, Crook with her crooked mouth and a plethora of other Bull Sharks which are more tricky to identify.



aldnz said...

Great stuff! The Tiger shark got my adrenalin going just watching the video.

DaShark said...

Thanks Al!

I just looked @ yer website and that is an interesting product you got there...

Not quite sure how it would prevent the majority of attacks which are on non-divers - but maybe it could add protection to those abalone divers and spearos?

Anyway, interesting - I sure do subscribe to the theory that one can "stare" away a Shark.
As you must know, the same is being used by people in India & Bangladesh in order to discourage Tigers - tho I dunno how effectively.

As to the dive, it is way cool! You must really pop over & give it a go - and yes, we'll let you test the strap, how about that - tho if it really works, we'll have to ban it! We're into attracting Sharks, not scaring them off....