Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Julie MacDonald

You may want to remember that name.
No, not fondly.

The more, as she has managed to become a colloquialism.
If you want to know why, read This - and This. This. And This.
And there's obviously more

Shocking - and alas, not surprising.
But great that she was finally found out and disposed of.

Not that this would ever deter the incumbent.
Now that some of his cronies are being removed, he has frantically issued a flood of egregious "midnight regulations", among them one that cripples the Endangered Species Act by further curtailing the very same Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service on top of that.
Did 200,000 signatures against it matter? Not at all.

Despite the best efforts by the Administration, they however seem to have made a mistake and Congress can, and hopefully will act quickly to have the regulations removed. If not and they are allowed to be enacted, they will take years to unravel.

We'll see.
And hopefully, this time, our voices will count for something.

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