Monday, December 08, 2008

Great Stuff!

Having gone snooping (yes that would be me...), I've just discovered a new Fiji post by out talented friend Sasha.

And being my nosy self, I haven't allowed myself to be deterred by the Cyrillic hieroglyphs but have unabashedly thrown them at Yahoo's and Google's translation services, with interesting results - and this not only from a linguistic point of view!

Turns out that Alexander has been extraordinarily busy - and successful too!

I find the link to this killer "Portpholio" (I just love Ghostpipefish!) in Russia's Octopus Magazine (where we'll be featured shortly in another article by Sasha) and the information that the picture on top is gracing the iconic BBC Wildlife Magazine 2009 calendar - that would be 1 in 12 from thousands of submissions!
Great Stuff!!!

And I also learn that Alex and, of all people, my friend Chip share 6th place in the Color Print category at this year's Antibes Festival! And he's 21st in the Portfolio category!
That's a great place to be in so soon in his career, especially considering that the field features such seasoned and award-winning pros (and BAD friends) as the two Michaels, Aw and O'Neill!

Indeed, Sasha, "In these bad times it is desirable to sometimes warm itself and its friends by warm pictures from the edges of warm, good reef akulkami, as well as the portion of positive news."
Mission accomplished!

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