Thursday, July 24, 2008

Juerg online!

You have to hand it to Juerg: despite the traumatic experience of his recent visit to Florida and despite the jitters about the imminent arrival of his first child, her keeps cranking out the goodies!

His latest creation is a completely re-vamped website where we can finally find all of his scientific papers, along with plenty of useful information about his pet animals, explanations about the methodology and technology involved in his research and obviously, a description of his very favorite Conservation project.

Much much more is in the works.
For some time, Juerg has been studying Whale Sharks in the Indian Ocean and I'm looking forward to his first paper on the subject. And, I hear, there will be a piece on something completely different: gay Sharks!

But most importantly, expect to see the first publications about his most recent research in Fiji: new behavioral observations, the first results from the ongoing radio-tagging small-scale movement study and a first evaluation of our enormous data base where we've recorded every single Shark Dive for the past five years.

And then, finally, there will be a piece about my very favorite topic.
I'm not allowed to spill the beans quite yet - but readers of this Blog will know what I'm talking about.

Keep watching this space!

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