Thursday, July 17, 2008

Challenging the Uprising

According to a local blog, Pacific Harbour is the "Adventure Capital Of Fiji Brotha! Need We Say More?"

What was once a quaint and tired residential development built around an equally tired golf course is experiencing a veritable renaissance, this in no small measure owing to the selfless efforts of our landlord Jim and his co-conspirators from the Pacific Harbour Business Association.

Want to try out some crazy Adventure?
Look no further than The Uprising, Fiji's coolest Beach Resort and go check out the latest funky inventions of our hyperactive friends and creative geniuses Rene and Alfie! Their ever-growing Activities page brims with unusual and fun propositions, not least of which that of joining Fiji's very own BAD Boys and Girls on the Best Shark Dive in the World.
Obviously, all personally tried and tested. For the benefit of Tourism and not, as some would say, merely developed in order to continue attracting the creme-de-la-creme of shapely talent, local and foreign alike!

Everybody is now waiting with bated breath for the next big Grog session and subsequent rolling out of creative folly.
But: how on earth will they manage to top such iconic pastimes as Horse Boarding and Quad Bike Surf Skiing?

Quads? Horses? - Bah!
Now how about THIS for a challenge, guys!
Tell you what: you provide for the beach setting and the guy with the cojones, we throw in the bait and the critter!


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