Thursday, July 10, 2008

World Record Great White - and it gets even better!

Another tacky joke, I hear you ask?

You be the judge: first spotted by the guys over there at Shark Diver, this wonderful news tidbit from the beautiful land of Oz is spreading like wildfire across the ticker.

Incredible - but then again, why not..... in a country famous for its killer spiders, deadliest snakes, disemboweling birds, venomous egg-laying mammals, the most venomous marine animal known to mankind , the most lethal fish and mollusks and largest crocs, news of a lake harboring a 21 foot Great White may just be ordinary fare.

Although, according to Ozzie "expert" opinion, "a large shark like that would stick out like dog's balls". Right.....

But indeed - if true, that animal would be a veritable "Submarine", a world record fish weighing about two tonnes.
Of the kind an "elderly gentleman" could easily disentangle from his net. Mind you, all by himself.
And, as any fisherman, would refuse to talk about.

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