Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PIPA - more Smoke & Mirrors!

PIPA - fact or fiction? Source.

Read, or listen to this.

Yes Sue is pissed off.
We should have sent her an e-mail to get the FACTS right - not simply believed the repeated public assertions of the president of Kiribas, e.g. proffered here last January, 03:20 ff.

Here are the FACTS.
CI and the Tong have been lying to the public by stating, or at least implying that the entire PIPA is closed to commercial fishing.
Having been caught out, CI is now trying to deny any accountability by complaining that they are being unfairly attacked by competing NGOs etc. and claiming that the whole exercise has been a process from the get go.

The latter is of course correct.
Here's CI's Greg Stone giving a talk about it in April of 2010.

All perfectly fair and understandable.
But then, this is not a grand gift to the world - then this is a (perfectly legit) financial transaction that is far from having been delivered upon let alone concluded - and as long as that is the case, claiming that the PIPA is closed to commercial fishing is a big fat LIE, period! 
CI has repeatedly changed its website and now calls it a multiple-use marine protected area (MPA) which is technically correct - but even that is totally misleading and thus equally dishonest.

So here's the deal.
Get on with it and by all means, godspeed. 
IMO aint gonna happen. But it's worth the try - at least until it becomes clear to everybody that this is nothing but a scam where the donors are being duped into forking out money for more inefficient bureaucracy and the salaries of those verbose NGO folks whilst Kiribati continues to cash in on those fishing licenses and zero progress is being made on the actual no-take area.
Anybody taking bets?

But above all, stop whinging. 
You've been caught with your pants down - so how about everybody including the prez is being told to shut the fuck up and deliver on the breathy claims instead. Now THAT would be impressive!
We shall be watching!


Anonymous said...

On the contrary, other NGO groups have gone out of their way NOT to criticize CI. There are a handful of rogue staff, however....

DaShark said...

Aaah, the dreaded omertà of those NGOs!

Never besmirch a fellow NGO lest they besmirch you, and the resulting collective transparency and accountability force the whole donor-funded and BS-fueled gravy train to come to a screeching halt as a consequence!