Thursday, October 10, 2013

OCEARCH - Clarification!

There appears to be a misunderstanding here.

The last two posts about Fischer have literally exploded.
They are being read by the concerned parties and by many Shark enthusiasts, which is great.
Alas they are also being read by those other folks.

So there.
We are in no way a party to, nor do we in the slightest endorse the current anti-OCEARCH campaign. 
It is being driven by the usual cabal of self indulgent Californian and South African bloviators, cheats, charlatans and screechy fanatics, and it is based on nothing more than a collection of factoids, innuendos, half truths and defamatory lies that are being cunningly woven together into yet another perfidious and equally demented anti-science conspiracy theory for which I have nothing but contempt.
Needless to say that we don't endorse OCEARCH, either.

Remember Loose Change
Same MO - fodder for retards and pure poison.
So beware and do not engage!

Enough said.
And no, I will not let you post breathy comments and links.
You know who you are.


Clare said...

I know you aren't taking comments on this, but I wanted to say (as a South African who is alarmed by the utter lunatics - many of them local - who seem to be attracted to sharks as a "cause" and do much damage to dialogue about scientific endeavours here and make all of us look stupid) THANK YOU for your nuanced and balanced approach to this subject. Keep it up. I'm sure it's a totally novel idea to some folks that you can recognise both good and bad aspects of something, and be neither in favour of it or violently opposed to it.

Shark Diver said...

Wait, are you saying you AGREE with Loose Change AND support O'Search?

DaShark said...

Clare - exactly!
Thx, much appreciated! :)

P - oh well, must b the effects of the semi retirement...