Saturday, February 29, 2020

Mating Scalloped Hammers - Video!


Remember Jorgensen's inane lekking hypothesis?
Back then I stated that I had personally witnessed mating Scalloped Hammers -incidentally, at the El Bajo off La Paz, a long, long time ago- and now somebody has finally captured the spectacular act on video at Cocos Island.
Just phenomenal - as witnessed by the excitement of the dive guide! :)

And since we're at it.
Here are once again the aerial Mantas.

And here's a selection of Sharks.
Like I said, they all end up sinking to the bottom.

And there's even video of Juerg's pesky Zebras!
Agonistic indeed!

And the lekking-, (and sniffing) fiasco?
I'm not seeing it mentioned anywhere at all - which begs the question, maybe because it was nothing but ludicrous BS to start with? And incidentally, may Teresa be lekking, too - cuz that sure looks like ROD to me!
Questions questions! :)

But more importantly.
Can we finally agree that those GWS mate at Lupe?

But I'm digressing as always.
Enjoy the graphic canoodling!

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