Monday, February 24, 2020

Grey Reefie - Agonism, and Attack!

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So this is it.
This is the infamous, highly ritualized agonistic display specific to the Grey Reefies.
And incidentally, other Shark species feature other agonistic behaviors that are quite different. And for you Shark whisperers out there, yes pectoral fin depression does play a role - but only when it is sustained and bilateral, and coupled with other agonistic elements: in the overwhelming majority of cases, a Shark depressing one or both pecs is in fact either braking or making a tight turn!
Just saying!

But back to that attack.
It was totally preventable and the divers should  have heeded the obvious warning and turned around as soon as they saw the Shark's behavior - but it appears that they just didn't understand, and I must say that I'm deeply impressed by the sang froid of the victim who despite being bitten, losing his mask and losing his main gas supply in 80 meters managed to complete his 2 hour decompression!

Anyway, great illustrative video.

H/T: Daniel: thanks!

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