Friday, March 06, 2020

Forrest Galante, Cretin!

Who, exactly, thought that this was ever gonna be funny? Source.

Read this - pretty disgusting huh.

But of course nothing of it is in any way surprising.
It's same old same old, just yet another piece of deception, featuring yet another unethical self promoting media whore.

Obviously, the real problem is not Galante.
He's just yet another disrespectful moron parading himself on television - dime a dozen, and more turn up every year for ever more bizarre shows that are just mindbogglingly idiotic. His mother who knows him best calls him a cretin, and is likely 100% correct - and I can most certainly leave it at that.
Because the real problem are the American networks.
One would think that at least the corporate entities would care about such archaic and obscure concepts as telling the truth, or behaving ethically, be it only to safeguard their own reputation - but no such luck.
Every year, we get asked  to partake in some of their shitty, exploitative shows - and every year, we inevitably turn them down as soon as they show us their idiotic scripts. Sometimes, I really wonder where that relentless race to the bottom is gonna lead us - but then again...

And talking of which.
If you thought that Shark Week was being reformed and getting "better", think again - and increasingly, it's not only the idiotic fabricated scripts with their gratuitous drama, and the insufferable idiotic anchors and cameramen.
Having had the misfortune to watch a few recent shows whilst in New Zealand, they did feature several prominent Shark researchers for whom I've now lost every last shred of respect.  Seriously, what a bunch of pathetic hypocrites - and folks, never, ever claim that you got conned into participating in that shit because you knew, and chose to totally sell out! 

And this year?
Trust me, nothing whatsoever will change, zero. 
Having checked, it will be the same tired lineup of media whores from producers to anchors to cameramen to researchers aggregating for their pathetic yearly meal ticket and regaling us with the same old tired pathetic lineup of boring, contrived and exploitative programs. 
Luckily it does not impact Shark conservation one way or the other - but considering how much better it could be, it remains highly irritating never the less.

Incidentally, for us that continued fiasco has been great.
Our steadfast refusal to prostitute ourselves has earned us a reputation for integrity and as a consequence, the great, respectful shows with honest, credible people tend to gravitate towards us - and guess what, those folks even pay their bills!

But I'm digressing as always.
Read the article at the top - and as a minimum, stop believing those media, and stop admiring those horrible people!
It's all staged BS, and those folks are in it only for the $$$, with the animals being abused as props - and no brazen greenwashing will ever change that.
Oh and... cinema science my ass!  You know who you are!
Let's go Shark diving - respectfully!

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