Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Stegostoma tigrinum?

The sandy morph of S. tigrinum: transitional (A–D) and adult (E–H). Close up of the skin pattern on the right lateral flank of a transitional specimen (B–C) and of remnants of the transitional pattern on flank and caudal-fin tip of adults (F–G). Click for detail.

Oh well

After the demotion of the Manta Rays, now this.
Looks like they've changed the species name of the mimic Zebra Shark. I first thought it was just a bad joke - but having asked my Zebra Shark guru, she replies,
Yes. I reviewed it as did Will White. 
They did a pretty thorough job with the taxonomy, though whether it’s worth changing the species name is open to debate me thinks.
Methinks, too.
But then again, they really did do a thorough job so this may indeed be it.

Le fasciatum est mort - vive le tigrinum!

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