Friday, October 04, 2019

Catching GWS in California!


Oh for crying out loud - watch.

Yup that would be a juvenile GWS.
White Sharks are protected in the USA in general and specifically, in California where this is happening, and one would think that this is unlawful and would warrant prosecution.
Regulations here.

Well, think again. 
Very much like what has been happening until recently in Florida, the authorities are apparently choosing to not intervene, or to drop the charges or levy ludicrous fines when they do - and the fishermen know that and continue to target and reel in the Sharks in quasi total impunity. 
Kudos to the indefatigable Mr. Bland for having meticulously researched the topic and published this excellent essay.

I say, it's time for some kicking of lazy bureaucrat asses - like in Florida!


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Lindsay L. Graff said...

Proving deliberate intention to catch is about as doable as catching a fart in the wind. "Incidental catch" of a gws is a plain paradox.