Sunday, September 22, 2019

Human Impact on the World’s Ocean - Paper!

Click for detail - you can download a list of the stressors here!

Check this out.

Prima vista, it sure doesn't look good.
But if you explore the graph at the top, there are also a few success stories where some countries like e.g. South Korea appear to have substantially reduced domestic commercial fishing (Really? Maybe only to fish more abroad...?) and also pollution.
Stories here.

The graph also clearly shows the principal threat
We can try and continue tinkering at the edges and reduce, recycle, innovate and manage, etc etc etc - but unless we successfully tackle Global Warming we're all going to be fucked. And yes little Swedish girls and global strikes, or whatever, are nice - but let there be no doubt that ultimately, the only way to achieve positive change is at the ballot box = and who needs to vote is not them but YOU.

Please do your due diligence, and go and kick vote the wrong people out of office, and vote the right people in!
And no I'm not particularly hopeful.

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