Saturday, September 21, 2019

GWS in Indonesia!

Awesome - and thank you Serena for the heads-up!

This happened today in Nusa Penida.
I hear it was in 22m and that there was a  13 degree thermocline - but who knows whether that is relevant.
But the cold water sure brings in the Mola Molas, see at top.

Anyway - enjoy!


Lindsay L. Graff said...

That video is beautiful!

The Sharkman said...

Simply Jawsome...."Monster, Man eater, blood thirsty Beast"..... not even a care that there are humans around. Swiming peacefully in its own domain.

DaShark said...

Hey Alex - nice to see you here! :)

Methinks we've come a long looooong way... not that I speak Bahasa - but to me it looks like none of the comments on the dude's FB post are negative, which is just great!