Thursday, July 20, 2017


Yannis is a member of Team Predator at FIU.

Great stuff.

This is one of the good guys.
And contrary to all those media whores in front and behind the camera who will be celebrating themselves on Shark Week, he actually does stuff, and this where it matters - and consequently, much of his research has a direct impact on Shark management and conservation.



Lindsay L. Graff said...

What a great video and true shark hero!

Johann Mourier said...

And he has been part of our team for GOMBESSA 4 in Fakarava this year for good science in the pipeline! He is not the same man now ;)

DaShark said...

Yes he did tell me!
I paraphrase but it was along the lines of ils sont fou ces gaulois! :)

Yannis said...

Thanks all and for the write up!! Johann is right, Fakarava did change me in many ways :)