Saturday, July 01, 2017

Gombessa IV Genesis!


Love love love love!

Everything here is just simply epic.
This is one of my very favorite dive sites featuring one of my favorite underwater spectacles, the cinematography is out of this world, and it's even great to see that the indefatigable Sané is still living the dream in his very own piece of paradise - and nice to see you, too, Johann! :)
And remember the paper? This is it!

Totally, utterly and ridiculously amazing - enjoy!


Michael Patrick O'Neill said...

Spectacular and thanks for shedding light on this. I was there in 2006 (the only guest). Watching this makes me wanna go back!

DaShark said...

Same here - it's one of those rare places that appear to get better every time one goes back!

Should you go, make sure to also visit the trou au requins in Apataki!

Johann Mourier said...

Thanks Mike for sharing. Just back from the expedition! It was a great success and a really amazing film is under production together with great science! You can follow blogs of the expedition on this page:
I'll write a blog on the science conducted there soon. I'll keep you updated!

DaShark said...

Yes please do - I'm jealous!