Monday, January 09, 2017


I'm pissed off, so there.
And I cite,
What if conservation became easier than rallies, protests, radical groups and letter writing? What if the ability to save ecosystems, species and ultimately humanity was put into your hands and was as easy as the click of the mouse? What if the power returned to the people? What if we united and started a revolution to save the planet, and ultimately ourselves?
Regular readers may remember that stupidity from the 2012 recap where Julie Andersen's disastrous Operation Requiem and Rob Stewards moronic United Conservationists got the treatment they deserved. Thankfully, Andersen and the Shark Angels have since become utterly irrelevant, and I can certainly leave it at that; and with the whole moronic Revolution thingy having gone down the drain like anticipated, I was actually hoping that Rob would finally have the decency to just go away.

Alas, no such luck.
Turns out that the increasingly ghastly Justin Bieber of Sharkitarianism is still at it.

Don't get me wrong here.
Back then, Sea Shepherd's Sharkwater was different and did touch a nerve, and seeing the little privileged kid go and dive with Sharks and talk to actual Shark people was somewhat endearing. 
But far from being the genesis for the shark conservation movement, it was an early product of it. And rather than saving Sharks, the whole circus marked the beginning of the Dolphinization of Sharks and spawned a whole generation of self-promoting copycat Shark media whores and charlatans that have since become the bane of serious Shark conservation efforts worldwide.
And much like little once endearing Justin, little once endearing Rob has quite obviously since morphed into a little bizarre self-important  narcissistic megalomaniac.

Wildify huh -  Pass the kouchie 'pon the lef' hand side!

But then again, totally not surprised.
Not by the smug brain farts, not by the fact that the new movie is once again gonna be a product of Sea Shepherd's slick  bullshit media machine, not by the resounding success of the funding drive despite of the usual conceited BS. After all, considering that 2016 marks the moment in time where Idiocracy became a reality, Rob's disjointed visions, or whatever, sound positively intellectual by comparison.

What however shocks me is the endorsement by the once stalwart, science-centric SOSF.
Or maybe not. Whereas the principal has always shunned any publicity and personality cult, the underlings and their sycophantic entourage increasingly do not - and shit like this is the inevitable consequence of that.

Oh well, whatever.
And yes, granted, maybe a tad harsh.
But it pisses me off. There are plenty of great people out there actually doing incredibly impressive stuff and achieving remarkable, hard-won progress - and having that little egocentric shit publicly belittle that collective effort is deeply offensive.

So get smart, people, and stop glorifying those pied pipers.
And should you really want to inform yourself about Conservation Ecology, stop listening to the self serving propaganda and e.g. start reading this excellent blog.
Minicene anybody?

Happy New Year! :)

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