Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bull Shark vs Spearo!

Wow - watch.

A shame for the Shark.
But that's one helluvan aggressive animal and the reaction by the spear fisherman was definitely in self defense and meant to only fend away, the more as he did not fire the gun.

Story here, usual reactions here.


jsd said...

The question - of course - is whether there were speared fishes around the spearfisherman that the bull shark had sensed and it was therefore attacking what it presumed to be the prey. If so, none too surprising, if not, alarming.

jsd said...

That led me to explore on youtube and I came across this:-


Yikes! I think I'll stay in the bath with my rubber ducks from now on.

DaShark said...


Story here - Yikes indeed!