Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sharkbanz Test!

Repellent my ass!

And if that bite wasn't revealing enough.
Just saw this.

Doesn't come much clearer than that does it.
Shame on those con artists at Sharkbanz - and again, shame on Shark Defense that continues to promote the indefensible.
Pun intended!


jsd said...

I think you are too cynical about the effectiveness of this gizmo: of course the Shark Banz has an affect on sharks as clearly demonstrated. It attracts them.

DaShark said...


Being the USA, I'm actually hoping those guys get dragged into court and taken to the cleaners - as a deterrent to all those other scamsters out there!

HNY buddy!

jsd said...

HNY to you too.

Perhaps we could ask Professor Hopalot to try out the gizmo before the Discovery cameras. If it doesn't work he gets eaten. If it does work he gets eaten. It's a win-win in the name of pseudo-science.

DaShark said...

Bingo - excellent suggestion!