Sunday, August 28, 2016

Papahānaumokuākea - Leadership!


And if you've been living under a stone and don't know what this is all about,  read this and this - or any other of the zillion pieces that have been published about this literally monumental achievement.

And here's to the other leaders.
Apologies to the many, many others  - but here's to you Matt.
Owing to your vision and your leadership, Global Ocean Legacy has quickly advanced to being today's preeminent marine conservation project, and the world is becoming a better place for it.
Thank you!

And here's to you Rick.
You will always be my hero, for your passion, your erudition and especially your wit. But above all, for always doing all the heavy lifting, anonymously - not because of the plaudits, the recognition let alone the money but because you really believe in the cause.
Thank you!

And finally, here's to you Rich.
For being such a crazy pioneer, explorer, adventurer and impeccable researcher, for having lent your time, voice and you scientific gravitas to this campaign, and for just being such an all-round nice person.
Thank you!

And one more thing: eat that Kitty
How do you and your corrupt gang of sniveling liars, cheats and thieves like being handed such a resounding defeat by the very indigenous people you always profess to represent!
Oh and... fuck you!

And here endeth the Sunday prayer!

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