Thursday, August 25, 2016

Biopixel Shark Promo - epic!

That's how you do it!

Remember BBC 's Shark?
Overall, I was rather underimpressed - but my favorite scenes were the aerial shot of a GWS catching a Sea Lion, and then the chapters with the reef-walking Epaulette Shark and the aggressively mimic Tasseled Wobbegong. Turns out that the latter two were both filmed by Richard Fitzpatrick who on top of being an excellent researcher is also a top notch multi-awarded underwater shooter with his own production house, Biopixel - and as with all truly exceptional people, nobody could be more knowledgeable, professional and yet humble!

Here is his 2015 Shark portfolio.
This is real natural history imaging, requiring heaps of skills, perseverance, patience, knowledge and yes, plenty of luck too. Compare that to the contrived and pedestrian fare that is regularly being dished out by Shark Week and you'll understand why I love the former and rather loathe the latter!

Anyway - enjoy!

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