Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Killing Great Hammerheads in Florida!



Yup those motherfuckers are still at it.
So much for Heuter valiantly trying to talk some sense (and here) into the land-based Shark fishing community  after the latest batch of dead GHH did wash ashore. Despite of all the hypocritical admiration for the beautiful creatures, those morons continue to intentionally kill those endangered and protected Sharks by targeting, subduing and then dragging them ashore for trophy pictures.
And the FFWCC is hiding behind the letter of the law and doing nothing.

This has been going on for far too long, see here and here.
Obviously the shore anglers are not able, or willing to self regulate.
It's not a matter of whether the hooks are stainless or not, it's not about whether the Shark will be inconvenienced by having to drag around a line - that's just bullshit. By now, everybody and his dog knows that there is simply no way to safely release a Hammerhead from the beach as the stress from the protracted fight will kill it even if it swims away in seemingly good shape, and the shenanigans must stop. Forget the pseudo-scientific taking of measurements, the records and the pictures - the Sharks must be released immediately upon identification by cutting the damn line, and anglers posing with Hammers on the beach need to be sanctioned, period.
And if the law is insufficient to suitably protect the Sharks it was designed to protect, then it needs to be amended accordingly.

And shame on the press - when will you finally start doing some proper reporting! 

Over to you vociferous Floridian Shark lovers - stop raising awareness and dispelling myths, or whatever, and start doing!


Michael Patrick O'Neill said...

I agree 100% I'm sick of this shit. The law is not enforced at all. These meatballs do the same thing w Goliath Groupers (another protected species, which are not allowed to be removed from the water), and a whole host of other sharks. Some seaside towns are starting to ban shark fishing from the beach, which is a start.

Best regards to all,


Leigh cobb said...

Complete bullshit. Theses bastards need stopping. There has to be a rally at Fwc offices, signs, speakers, media, shouting!

Unknown said...

NOAA is no better.. as they have gone over their Stupid Quota by 50%!!!!! of the SLAUGHTERING of shark in our waters!!!- and THEY are STILL KILLING THEM!!!! the Last Two times I went to Photogragh Sharks in Jupiter... A SHARK SLAUGHTER BOAT has sw eep in behind us TO KILL ANY SHARK IN SIGHT!!!- IF they SLAUGHTERED SNOOTY and her sister.... THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL BE LIVID , She ALONE is or was worth 4 million dollars to the state of Florida as So Many people JUST WOULD DO ANYTHING TO Catch a Glance to see her!!! I WILL NOT FORGIVE!

Laz said...

FloriDUH is nothing more than the wild freakin west! A large percentage of the population lacks an ounce of education, common sense, or a heart. Everyone is out to get their piece of the pie no matter the cost. Our government is a joke with the audacity to do the unthinkable in the faces of the public with little consequences.

It has taken 15 years to try to protect 1% of 1% of the coral reefs in Biscayne National Park and after all these meetings and discourse we're back to step 1. In the span of that time the reefs have been raped and destroyed. And this is a National Park! This story plays again and again when it comes to the natural world in U.S. What's the point of being so damn civilized?!?! I wish it was (literally) the wild west. At least that way you can shoot the freakin' idiots!

If you have some suggestions I would love to hear them.

DaShark said...

Methinks get in contact with the FWC and politely ask why they're (not) doing what they're doing.

Is it because

a. their interpretation is that the law allows for this kind of catch-and-release even if the science clearly tells that it will kill the animals? How would that dovetail with the law's intention of safeguarding those species?

b. those actions are illegal but they don't care or don't want the associated work/aggro?

If a., what is the solution?
A regulation by the FWC? A re-wording of the law? What are the required steps?

If b., then go for them.
They are civil servants and duty-bound to intervene.


Curtis Wee said...

I pay more $$$ to interact with and photograph these sharks than I'd ever pay to catch them on a rid & reel—abd I'm not alone. Politics in the USA are all about MONEY, so it's time they realize where the real money is! FWC, NOAA — Are you listening?

DaShark said...


Snooty the Lemon Shark would be safe from commercial fishing in Florida state waters where Lemon Sharks are protected.

Instead she is being attracted, aggregated and kept in unprotected federal waters right outside of the boundary by people who feed her there along with her sisters.

Are those Shark divers part of the problem or part of the solution?

Speciestart said...

What is wrong with people?! How unnecessary and ecologically irresponsible.