Friday, July 03, 2015

Rusi - a Tribute.

Thank you David.

This has actually brought tears to my eyes.
Unquestionably the world's most accomplished Shark feeder, Rusi did it because it gave him intense joy and not because of some desire for recognition and fame, to the point that he was most certainly entirely unaware of his global celebrity status, and of the admiration and respect he commanded.

A humble, highly reserved and ultimately shy man, he would only ever engage with a few select people he respected like Valerie or Cristina, and nearly never sit for interviews.
This interview may well be his very last, recorded in 2011 when David was here to shoot OSAM.


Alex "Sharkman" said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful memory.

Peter Verhoog said...

A humble, highly reserved and ultimately shy man, this is how I will remember him.

Cristina said...

A quiet master, a thoughtful teacher, a knowledgeable guide, but mostly a beautiful soul. We cannot even measure what we have lost with your departure.