Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Global Fin Print - epic!

Great stuff!

Read this and this announcement.
I've heard whispers about a meeting of seriously wealthy people wanting to contribute serious money to Shark conservation - and although this is pure speculation, this may well be strike one! Be it as it may, the lead team is just simply awesome and above all, it is finally (!) showing the kind of productive cooperation I've been publicly advocating for so long.
So congrats, and godspeed!

And have you noticed the videos?
Compare to this, showcasing the work by Projects Abroad's science supremos El Diego and Gauthier under the leadership of Demian and Mark - remember?

Great to see it embedded in such a prestigious project!
Just goes to show that once you stop the blathering and start the doing, good things will follow!

To be continued no doubt!

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