Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Charlie Charlie!

Fiji: do I have your attention? :)

No worry not.
This is not about what you're thinking of, but instead about our friend Charlie from Phantom Divers - who incidentally, despite being one hundred proof Mexican  has never heard of that stupid game!
And from what I can discern, he ain't no Demon, either!

Anyway, check out this old video.

This is 2011, right at the height of the crisis.
A lot has happened since and you can check out some of it by following this link. And I am really happy to be able to report that now things are even better, this incidentally very much in the spirit of these suggestions!
The one single legal Shark fisherman has agreed to stop fishing for Sharks and is actually actively participating in their protection - and SOS is advancing in leaps and bounds, with ever more dive operators contributing and also, with excellent support by the research community and even the authorities.
So kudos to everybody involved for an excellent job!

And Charlie is right here - and we love it! 
Humble, fun, inspirational and incredibly knowledgeable, he's belongs to a tiny elite of responsible professional Shark feeders who do it out of love and respect for the animals instead of bravado, and we are truly blessed in being able to host him on our dive. After Rusi's tragic passing, the junior feeders have been desperately looking for guidance, and I am beholden to Charlie for having assumed the role of friend, teacher, motivator and mentor in these difficult times. The boys love and look up to him, and some of his suggestions are already being translated into concrete action.
So thank you my friend - much appreciated!

Charlie is planning to hang around for another while.
So here's your chance to witness a genuine Mexican torero in action - and this time with real toros muy gordos and not those Caribbean Sardines! :)


Unknown said...

Yewwwwww so stoked for you guys, all learning from each other 😊
Caribbean sardines... Hahahhaha love it. I wanna see the gorditas for sure.💙💙💙

Carlos Estrabeau Velderrain said...

Wooow !! its been a real amazing experience and a true honor to be hanging out with you sharky lovers.

My life has been saved by sharks and its amazing lessons there is nothing i will rather be doing that to spend as much time underwater with all of them, i am for ever thankful for the unique oportunity of spending time with this wonderful group of people that dedicate all there time to do something that really matters for the sharks, local comunity and all that involves them, a true inspiration and somthing i will never forget.

Thank you so much Benqa Adventure Divers and all its beautiful people you rock !!

DaShark said...

Rebecca I trust you've already seen the gorditas.

These are the gordas, and then some - especially if you wait another month or two when they will show late term pregnancy!

Cristina Zenato said...

What a beautiful blog for such a beautiful soul. I am not sure what to call this but fate, the fact is that Charlie was there in the saddest of the moments for Beqa yet something so positive has come out of all of this.
To Charlie, Beqa (and Rusi, whom I am going to miss no matter what), thank you for being guidance, friends and simply awesome people.

DaShark said...

To Charlie, Beqa (and Rusi, whom I am going to miss no matter what), thank you for being guidance, friends and simply awesome people.

Right back atcha! :)