Monday, May 04, 2015

Elena - Real World Shark Conservation!

Me gusta muchisimo!

Well done Elena, this is a most lovely video!
No not because of the honorable mention - because as one of last year's crop of Rolex scholars we've hosted, she is doing us proud by listening, understanding and then, educating! She is smart, passionate and hails from a developing country = exactly the kind of person to whom we would love to pass the torch!
And great to see her meeting so many good people and friends! :)



Lindsay L. Graff said...

Such a beautiful video Elena (and wonderful BAD cameos)! I'll be sure to share this with my Fiji students this coming summer!

Elena Salim Haubold said...

Thanks so much Mike & Lindsay. It was great to spend time with the BAD guys! It was amazing and very educational to get to know your team. What you are doing in Fiji for the sharks and the local people is the perfect role model for me to follow :) I hope one day I can do something similar!

Un gran abrazo!