Thursday, November 08, 2012

Paper: Philopatry in Blacktip Reef Sharks!

Blacktip Reef Shark, by Johann Mourier.

Excellent job!
I must say, this paper is as good as it gets.

And totally fascinating and unexpected as well!
Turns out that contrary to being strictly confined within rather limited reef habitats, (some) Blacktip Reefs in Moorea are embarking on a rather perilous inter-island crossing to Brando's Tetiaroa in order to give birth in the nursery there - and vice versa!  Is that because they were born there? Very possibly, the more as it appears that the females always visit the same nursery!

I'm literally off to DEMA so this will have to be short.
But once again, the paper demonstrates the importance of investigating philopatry for formulating good Shark conservation measures.

Bravo Johann!

PS no more posts for the next two weeks!

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