Friday, November 02, 2012

Great Hammerhead vs Grey Reef!

Remember this video?

Like I hinted then, the scavenging scene was staged.
The pictures above, likely screen grabs, are however most probably genuine.
Johann is a very serious researcher and I am sure that he has done all the required due diligence before publishing his take.
Stellar stuff!

Short paper here.


jsd said...

Do you ever see great hammerheads at your locations, Mike? To my mind this is just about the most imposing and impressive (not to mention otherworldly) of them all...

DaShark said...

Only once in 14 years - & I wasn't there! :(

But I've seen some submarines in Rangiroa, an honest 5m+ - absolutely fantastic Shark, that first dorsal is just unbelievable, and such a graceful swimming motion!

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for sharing and blogging. Yes these pictures are genuine and taken from a GoPro. I also invite you to have look at our new website (observatory for sharks in French Polynesia) where you can look for observation by species for example:
(Sorry but it is in French only for the moment...)

DaShark said...

Merci Johann!

I remember the same happening in Rangiroa years ago, they even saw it from the shore of Tiputa pass as the HH went all the way to the surface!

Keep up the great work, I love that region and always look forward to the great stuff you come up with!