Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cristina about Shark Diving Procedures - awesome as always!

 Cristina and Blacktip Reef in the SRMR - stellar pic by Ozzie Sam - click for detail!

What can I say that I haven't already.
I'm a big fan of Cristina, and this both from a strictly personal but above all, from a professional standpoint where she continues to cement her position as one of the foremost industry voices in advocating conservation, common sense and long term sustainability.

Her latest post does not disappoint.
Once again, here is the definitive list of what constitutes good commercial Shark diving: no rocket science by any means but alas, apparently already too complicated for a few irresponsible operators, see last week's posts about the erosion of commercial Shark diving in Guadalaupe - and yes, I'll certainly leave it at that!

And what about
I have read blogs about the need to have personal freedom to interact with sharks however we like. While the concept is absolutely correct...?

Totally - but with one big caveat.
It is absolutely correct when it comes to private undertakings where everybody is welcome to find their own piece of the ocean and to experiment. After all, that's precisely how all commercial Shark diving operations were established by a few adventurous, brave and often crazy pioneers!
But not on commercial Shark dives - especially in the presence of bait and especially with those large potentially lethal predatory species!

But of course I'm repeating myself.
You can find our take on this subject in countless posts, e.g. here, here and here to name but a few more substantial ones, so no need to dwell.

So here's to Cristina and to somebody finally taking heed of her sage words.
And yes, and pigs...

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