Monday, April 25, 2011

Oceanicallstars in Fiji!

This has been a real nice experience.
Being a specialized Shark diving operator, we sure get to meet a lot of different Shark people, most of which are a pleasure to host - but Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake of Oceanicallstars have been real standouts, and not only because they're as nice and personable as it gets. Where so many in the industry and in the movement appear to be way too agenda- and ego-driven, they come across as being the exact opposite. We only had time for a few conversations but I must say, I'm rather impressed by their rock solid scientific knowledge (thank you Doc!) and technical skills but above all, by their vision for good and effective Shark conservation.

And to give you an idea of what they do: here's Jillian's promo reel - stellar stuff!

This has been way too short.
Having come to Fiji for a proper private vacation (nice travelogue here!), they just hopped over in order to shoot some interviews for an upcoming Fiji-centric PSA for the Shark Free Marina Initiative - and believe it or not, they barely managed to squeeze in a single Shark dive, and this sans underwater camera (!), before dashing off to further adventures!

Anyway, here's to the Oceanicallstars!
Moce mada - and come back soon!

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